Our solutions

Feed Generation

MultiFeeds ingests your source data into our platform to create a product feed (either through CSV / XLS submission or through our crawler), and can format this for any online marketing or end-user channel (Google, Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok, Affiliates, etc.). Your new output feed format refreshes on a daily basis and a custom push basis, and new products can be added at scale.

Create custom tags, rules, promotions, and test environments

AI and ML-fed anomaly and error detection continually scans for updates, missing attributes and bugs

A constant, secure and reliable product feed to any online marketing channel that you require to be live on.

A spreadsheet showing an example of a shopping feed

Feed Optimisation

To compliment our Feed Generation tool, our team of in-house Feed Specialists can continually optimise your product feed attributes, titles, categories, tags and descriptions via our drag & drop interface.

Neglecting to optimise you product feed can have huge impact on search engine, social channel, marketplace and site visibility, and can negatively affect the overall conversion for your online inventory. Often when we conduct a feed audit (which we provide FOC), we find that only ~10% of a product feed is driving 100% of a retailers total GMV.

Dedicated Feed Management team to create test feeds and A/B rules

Better ROAS on your existing and new campaigns

Increased exposure and conversion for longtail products

Google CSS

CSS is a Comparison Shopping Service, where providers bid to place ads and listings on Google on behalf of the merchants that they represent.

As a Trusted Google CSS Partner, Multifeeds provides its own independent Google CSS comparison engine, helping shoppers find your products more quickly and accurately, and helping you keep a competitive edge over your competitor ad bidding.

The primary benefit of using a Google CCS partner is the financial incentive of a 20% discount in CPC. In contrast, an £0.80 bid placed via CSS would be competitive against a £1 bid placed via Google Shopping directly.

Discount your CPC rate by 20%.

Seamless integration, no downtime in traffic

Add CSS campaigns to your existing Google Merchant Centre campaigns to evaluate A/B performance

Graph showing Multifeeds 20% more effective than competitors

Performance Campaigns

Running profitable shopping campaigns can be time consuming and frustrating. The Multi-feeds platform has the capabilities to automate campaign breakdown into more measurable structures for a better ROI.

Campaigns can be segmented from top level though to product level, so from the single point of truth Multifeeds offer, you have the advantage of being able to see all campaigns you are running across multichannel and edit in realtime.

Segmentation of data for increased performance on your campaigns

Get better visibility on your profit margins and your top selling products by channel

Integrate with your PIM / ERP tools to gain realtime stock availability control

Google Partner Logo

Campaign Structuring

Alongside all of the above, MultiFeeds also offer bespoke paid performance strategy and campaign structuring. Uniquely, the MultiFeeds API connects directly with your Google Ads account, allowing us to make actionable changes to live data cohorts.

Through downstream analysis we can identify your best selling products, your lower performers (including non-clicks / non-conversions), small margins, stock availability, and much more. Our Campaign analysis service allows us to identify issues in your feed and address them effectively before you waste advertising budget, and improve your long-tail and low converting product performance through the introduction of smart tagging, rule setting and AI-based attribute allocation.

Our most advanced solution: we incorporate all of our products and services into a comprehensive feed curation and campaign delivery that actively ensures AOV, GMV and LTV increase longterm.

Rely on our in-house team to assist with your PMAX and Google shopping campaigns, or strategy implementation

Incremental sales for non performing / low performing products

Affordable flat-rate fee per month (as opposed to a percentage of incremental sale value)

Image of the Multi-feeds Logo along with partner logos for AWIN, Facebook, Shopify, Google and Criteo